To what extent was the korean

It was successful in containing communism, but not successful in achieving their goal of eliminating it entirely. To what extent and in what way did the Korean war alter America's policy of containment?

To what extent was the korean

Read more… There is no report yet of the extent of damage. Times, Sunday Times He says that he now realises the extent of his error. Times, Sunday Times Understanding what is at risk is the first step to understanding the full extent of that risk.

Computing It happens in rugby to a lesser extent. Times, Sunday Times They rely to a great extent on people moving house and on those renting and putting their goods in storage. Times, Sunday Times He was also unable to have surgery to remove the primary tumour in his bowel due to the extent of his condition.

Times, Sunday Times The North Londoners now face an anxious wait to discover the extent of the damage and how long he will be sidelined for. The Sun It depends to a great extent on the explicit and implicit aims. Times, Sunday Times The official figures do not reflect the full extent of the problem.

Times, Sunday Times The real issue is the extent of the commitment involved.

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Times, Sunday Times The extent of the damage was not known. The Sun To what extent is this due to a lack of ability and motivation? Times, Sunday Times The size and extent of the camp had varied over time.

Times, Sunday Times Her smile stretched her lips sideways to a great extent. Aldiss, Brian Somewhere East of Life Once this has happened it is important to assess the extent of the damage. Mervyn, Leonard Preventing Heart Disease Due to the extent of the damage are unable to give a definite prognosis at this stage.

Times, Sunday Times Little is known about the extent of the damage to the historic districts. Times, Sunday Times It was when he woke in the night that he realised the extent of his injuries and was distraught.

To what extent was the korean

The Sun One way to understand this term would be to document clearly the range and extent of criminal victimization which occurs for particular populations. Walklate, Sandra Victimology - the victim and the criminal justice process The surge has not happened to any serious extent, perhaps wisely.

Christianity Today To a lesser extent, we can affect their behaviour while they remain in office. Times, Sunday Times No less important is the extent to which the landscape of the English counties has been protected from sprawl. Times, Sunday Times Obviously a chemical which is absorbed efficiently from the intestine is more likely to be toxic than one that is absorbed to a lesser extent.

Times, Sunday Times The products exported by the periphery are important to the extent thatextent translate: 규모. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Korean Dictionary. However, much like WWI, the Korean Peninsula was a barrel of gunpowder ready to explode by the start of the Korean War.

This was largely due to international influence - the Soviets essentially sponsored the North Koreans, and the Americans vice-versa. A short biography describes 's life, times, and work.

To what extent was the korean

Also explains the historical and literary context that influenced The Korean War (). These underreported atrocities—the extent of which have been debated among experts, were formative to North Korean society, in which nearly every aspect of life is influenced by government.

The extent of the cult of personality surrounding Kim Jong-il and Kim Il-sung was illustrated on 11 June when a year-old North Korean schoolgirl drowned while attempting to rescue portraits of the two from a flood.

According to a South Korean assessment, North Korea possesses a stockpile of chemical weapons Government: Unitary one-party republic. Translation for 'extent' in the free English-Korean dictionary and many other Korean translations.

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