Staples market structure

One can invest in consumer staples by purchasing the stocks of consumer staples companies or by purchasing mutual funds or exchange-traded funds ETFs that specialize in consumer staples.

Staples market structure

Each statistic is the market weighted average of the 30 companies. The consumer staple industry includes companies whose sales come from necessary consumer staple purchases such as rent, mortgage and food see full staple description: The best way to profit from consumer staple stock investments is to find the most undervalued investments Wall Street and Main Street buy ratings before economic recessions.

BREAKING DOWN 'Consumer Staples'

Those investments should be undervalued see Wall Street on left sideand have high Main Street Common Sense investment ratings see Main Street on right side. When an economic recovery occurs, consumer staple stocks tend to under perform the general stock market, because consumers quickly resume spending on items they wanted, but resisted buying during tougher economic times.

Consumer stables are generally items that consumers bought during a recession, but don't increase purchases during economic expansions. Eventually other stock investments become overvalued, because profits and stock prices increase past their fair values. During the last stages of an economic business cycle, just before a recession, it is best to buy staple stocks, because they are the least risky equity investments in a declining stock market.

As investors search for safe less risky stock investments, they tend to buy consumer stables. Expensive overvalued stocks with low Main Street Common Sense ratings should be sold at any time to invest in better stocks.

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Two buys ratings are the best and two sell ratings are the worst possible stock investments. Consumer staples tend to be less sensitive to economic changes. During economic recessions, consumers tend to decrease discretionary expenses to save money, but they can not decrease purchases of consumer staples, because they are needed for everyday living.

Spending on consumer staples generally remains constant, so during economic recessions, investors tend to buy consumer staple stocks, which causes stock prices to increase.


During economic recoveries, consumer staple stock prices generally underperform the general stock market. Investors who bought consumer stable stocks during the recession, tend to make new investments in faster growing industries.

Staples market structure

During longer economic expansions, consumer stables tend to growth at the same rate of the general stock market.Australian share market indexes A share market index basically summarises the value and performance of a group of companies in the share market.

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Consumer staples are essential products, such as food, beverages, tobacco and household items. Consumer staples are goods that people are unable or unwilling to cut out of their budgets regardless.

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