Shower scene psycho 1960

Infamous for its shower scene, but immortal for its contribution to the horror genre.

Shower scene psycho 1960

Psycho - The Shower Scene: Notes are in italics.

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Marion enters the bathroom, holding the shredded paper in her right hand, and turns towards the unseen toilet. Marion drops the paper in the toilet bowl and then flushes the toilet. Marion bends down, then moves towards the bathroom door and closes it.

She walks towards the shower and begins removing her bathrobe. Marion removes her bathrobe, leaving it on the toilet, then kicks off her slippers and steps over the edge of the bathtub into the shower. The camera, still angled down, follows her bare legs. Once inside the shower, Marion pulls the shower curtain across.

In quite a few of the shots, there is something making a straight diagonal line cutting? Blurred behind the shower curtain, Marion moves forwards the front of the shower.

Marion rises into the frame. Looking down, her hands busy themselves. Stooping down slightly, she turns the water on. Rising, she looks up towards the shower head and waits expectantly for the water. She seems almost joyous as the water sprays onto her upturned face.

She begins to wash her neck. To avoid spraying water directly towards the camera, a special shower head was constructed to spray the water around it, either side of the lens.

Her mouth is open and she appears to be happy. Marion washes her left arm, enjoying the sensation of the water on her skin. Arching her head back in pleasure, she turns her body towards us whilst washing her right shoulder.

Marion turns so that her back is towards the spray, then leans her head back so her hair becomes wet.But whereas Psycho had a shocking shower murder scene, Diabolique had a socking bathtub murder scene.

Shower scene psycho 1960

Psycho's shower scene is said to be a ripoff of Diabolique's bathtub scene; or certainly influenced by it. Everyone and their mother (pun intended) knows the shower scene and that a boy’s best friend is his mother. The key question today is not how to conceal the film’s surprise, but how a single moment could become so etched into our collective minds — even those who have not seen the movie?

Psycho (), and Cape Fear (), before. Psycho became Hitchcock’s most successful film at the time—its box-office take, $32 million, was the second best of , after Spartacus. But it was made despite much resistance. Shower Scene is the phrase used to describe the scene in Psycho () when Marion Crane is murdered.

The scene is also used as archive footage to open Psycho II and flashes of it are used in Psycho III. Facts The scene was shot from December December 23, The scene .

Introduction The Shower Scene. Starting with Marion entering the bathroom, each distinct shot is film is described below. Notes are in italics.. Shot 1. MOTEL ROOM, LOOKING THROUGH TO THE BATHROOM.

Psycho () Ed July 4, While the director has done many great films this is the one that most people tend to think about because of how expertly well made it was and of course because of that incredibly scary shower scene.

For me there is one film title that comes to mind when I hear Hitchcock's name and that is Psycho.

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