Self critique speech

Self-Critique for Informative Speech Self-Critique for Informative Speech Within seven days of your informative speech, submit a two-page, typed self-critique of your speech to the instructor.

Self critique speech

I think that my first speech went rather well, overall. I enjoyed my topic, and really had a passion for it. I had learned about it in a previous course, and found it fascinating, which I hope came off in my presentation.

I had good sources, and I feel I rehearsed it enough to feel comfortable with the material. I believe this helped make my presentation come off as confident and enthusiastic. I also believe I made good eye contact. I tried to look at everyone in the room, and think I achieved this pretty effectively.

If I could do it again, I would have made sure the video would successfully play, but I attempted to work with the hindrance to my best ability. Self critique speech time I give a speech, I would try to cut down on any repetition I give, and might make an effort to use my hands less.

Speech Self Critique Guide The following guidelines should be used in practice sessions to evaluate the speaker and speech and note possible areas of improvement. Full text and audio of Spiro Agnew Speech: Television News Coverage. Feb 14,  · Critiques for Speech #1 Informative Speech Please post a self critique of your first speech in this blog. Share with us three strengths and three improvements from this first speech experience.

As I speak, I get "into" my topic, and begin to use my hands a lot, which I imagine could be distracting. Also, I would focus on my stance. I believe my delivery was clear, but I would like to make an effort to enhance the conciseness of my delivery, as well as to remind myself to speak slowly, and not fade out at the end of a sentence, which I tend to do.

I do not know if I did this during my speech, but know it is a concern for me generally. I have strengths and weaknesses when it comes to public speaking and they were exemplified pretty well in my speech.

There were things that went well and there are things that I plan on doing to improve my speeches in the future. I try to be really well prepared when it comes to public speaking and I researched my topic and went over my speech a lot before I gave it. I had the sentences memorized, which had its good and bad parts.

The good part about this is that I was able to say everything I wanted without missing any details.

Speech Self-Critique

The bad part about this is that I did not speak conversationally, so my speech came out sounding rehearsed as opposed to conversational. Therefore, this is a good point and a bad point about my speech. Another good point of speech was my eye contact.

Self critique speech

I tried really hard to look at people and although it might not have been perfect, I felt I really made progress as opposed to prior speeches.

My final good point was my power point. I really enjoy making power points and have fun making everything organized while visually appealing. I liked how my power point turned out and I think it added to the overall effectiveness of my speech. Something I did not like about my speech was my overall delivery.

I speak too fast when speaking conversationally and when I get nervous, I go even faster. Therefore, I delivered my speech too quickly.

It went too quickly for the audience to understand what I was saying and to comprehend it. I also moved my feet a little bit when I did my speech. It probably made my speech difficult to watch because it was distracting from what I was saying.Comments.

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Speech Self Critique Essay The speech I presented had its strengths and weaknesses, but there was much to be desired after I%(3). SPEECH sELF-EVALUATION FORM from the Speaking Center at Agnes Scott College It is often useful to think about your speech once you have videotaped yourself or.

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