Sasktel case study

Planning must precede Engineering, which must precede Structural Analysis, which must precede Structural Modification, which must precede Equipment Installation, which must precede Site Integration.

Sasktel case study

The Management Operating system engaged the Service Managers in a closer partnership with the Dispatchers and Schedulers, on a daily basis ensuring fully loaded techs as well as increased movement of techs to where the demand was.

Sasktel case study

PVA worked side by side with the front line Managers, providing coaching and on-site support. Managers were involved in all steps of developing the Management Operating System which ensured their understanding and support. The PVA professionals involved all levels of our employee base and delivered a repeatable process and framework for continuous business improvement.

I now have the methodology and tools to balance operational efficiency gains with improvement to both customer and employee experience; and I can measure them. Using metrics that existed or were newly developed with PVA, we applied PVA methodology to daily operational tasks and identified many opportunities for improvement.

The methodology resulted in a sense of Sasktel case study to daily activities and ensured that appropriate accountability was shared throughout the organization.

Our goal was to identify opportunities to enhance customer service, to improve efficiency and to introduce a management operation system which puts rigor into how we manage the business, coach our people, and improve overall results.

I have been very pleased with the outcome of this engagement. By engaging our workforce to identify opportunities to improve the business, developing metrics to manage results, and providing our management team with better skills and metrics to lead their team and drive results we have achieved the desired outcomes and have processes in place to ensure sustainment of this initiative.

PVA were able to work around our organizations needs to run the business without a great deal of disruption to our in-scope staff.

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The PVA tools empowered our front line managers, and the way they worked with our Director team to drive these changes through was quick and noticeable within a few short weeks. Again from my Support role, the opportunity gathering was a great lesson learned in combination with Director and corrective team prioritization has been a huge asset to my team and finding the greatest most cost effective win for our employees.

Boosting Employee morale, in terms of a feeling of their concerns are being heard and addressed. As well, bringing additional opportunities to the forefront we have never considered before.

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They seemed to either be accepted pain points or just swept under the rug in the past. My only concern is this will not spread quickly enough through the remainder of our corporation.

The experiences I have had with those groups who have adopted the PVA methodology has been very effective and practical. We speak a common language on corrective teams and find we all are aligned to one common goal.

This was not common cross functional teams through our company in the past. The other thing I have found is I start to see productivity opportunities outside of my own business. Airlines, restaurant, even construction observations, it drives my wife nuts.SaskTel is the leading full service communications company in Saskatchewan, providing competitive voice, data, dial and high-speed Internet, web-hosting, QUANTUMLYNX Office applications, secure electronic transactions, text and messaging services over a fiber optic-based, fully digital network.

SaskTel Stores deployed the Planar Multi-Touch Widescreen displays (Model PTW) in the three new stores in April , and has plans for similar roll-outs in all of its other Saskatchewan stores.

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Sasktel case study

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