Publics perception of police essay

The media overhypes crime stories, and spends little air time on good stories. Certain neighborhoods where crime statistics are high are always given top coverage, giving a worse perception of what that area could really be like.

Publics perception of police essay

This study will also x-ray how far the public relations roles has helped or will help to co-ordinate the organization and its various publics. More so the study will contribute to the knowledge of generality of Nigerians in their guest for enhancement of corporate image in government parastatals.

As a business institution, the Nigerian Airways must use business principles to operate in such a way that it becomes economically independence against crumbling. It is easily identifiable that the basic philosophy underlying public relations practice is of prime importance in all spheres of activities.

This include expressing her policies and practices through communication for general awareness. In this contemporary society. The public scrutiny and accountability is on the increase. It is imperative therefore that good public relation should enhance goodwill and customers satisfaction in the organization.

The image of the Nigerian Airways Enugu depends on her behaviour and financial performance, her marketing polices and the quality of her products or services, the management style, approach and resultant satisfaction.

It is the image of the organization that attracts popularity among the potential customers. In this sense, the only image that can last long is the one that its stand is valid, true and authentic.

No organization can satisfy its numerous public without being perceived first by the publics as trusted and dependable. It is therefore important that Nigerian Airways Enugu should acquaint itself with the publics for cordiality through continuous and systematic public relations practice.

It is essential that all public relations activities of the Nigerian Airways within the frame work agree and understand the corporate personality. The modern business organization recognizing the changes in the environment, has adjusted. It has more comprehensive and positive programmes by responding to community expectations and pressures.

This is the springboard of the concept of goodwill and acceptance. However, the activities of Nigerian Airways and prospects can better be understand when examined from the point of view of its origin.

To this end, below is the mark off point of Nigerian Airways. C to undertake operation which the Royal Air force left behind at the end of world war.

The federal government took total control of the business on August 23, by buying out the shares of its partners, the B. C and Elder Dempster lines.

Publics perception of police essay

In this sense, the airline became percent Nigerian owned and the name was change to Nigerian Airways limited in the same vein after some years, Nigerian Airways Enugu was established 1. In other words, the airline as a rule is different from other commercial airline since it must perform government function without profit when directed to do so by the authorities.

For the above reasons Nigerian Airways is duty-bound to separate in the country whether it is commercially viable or not.

In a situation where communication is poor, Nigerian Airways is used by government as an effective institute to bridge the communication gap by transmitting people, goods and mails through the length and breath of the country.

There is no efficient, effective and systematic public relations in the establishment.


As a result of this, the Nigerian Airways does not communicate to its publics as and when due. The Nigerian Airways Enugu seems to be undergoing image problems.In this essay I will reason that the undermentioned statement is true “The media’s portraiture of offense affects the public perceptual experience of offense”.The intelligence media provide the chief beginning of information about offense and justness to the populace.

This intelligence coverage so may be seen to play a major function in the defining. Citizen Perception of Police Use of Force There was a time when mainstream America gave little thought to the routine use of force by police officers.

Unless a citizen had been arrested, or lived in a high crime area, such things were generally out of sight, and out of mind. Personal interactions have the strongest impact on perceptions.

People form opinions of the police based on their own interactions with them or the experiences they hear from trusted friends and family. [1] People tend to focus on how police treat them — the process and interactions — rather.


Publics perception of police essay

Wolf* TABLE OF CONTENTS among police, prosecutors, judges, and jurors.1 Bias was manifest in count- address both bias and the perception of bias, including involving commu-nity stakeholders—such as local residents, business owners, educators. This data that is taken can then be used to evaluate the publics perception of many facets of police work, including efficiency of programs and the publics perceived fear of crime.

The goals and priorities of a department can then be molded and shaped according. Includes contributions on public views of police, courts, sentencing, juvenile offending, and on more contentious topics such as the death penalty, gangs, gun control, and .

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