Phd thesis strategic development

Strategy and Entrepreneurship PhD Strategy and Entrepreneurship PhD The doctoral program in Strategy and Entrepreneurship aims to produce leading world-class scholars, who will pursue impactful academic careers following the completion of their PhD. Students are encouraged to conduct research that focuses on understanding how organisations create and sustain superior competitive performance, as well as on the processes by which economic value is created and distributed in markets. The interdisciplinary nature of the field also implies that doctoral research typically draws on concepts and theories from economics, sociology and psychology, and addresses a wide variety of topics that have direct or indirect implications for organisational effectiveness.

Phd thesis strategic development

However, there are multiple definitions and the term is used inconsistently from several different stances. This project examines why this confusion exists and how strategic culture is used in the subfield of counterterrorism studies to understand terrorist individuals and organisations, and reflexively, analysts and the policies that they develop.

Two key confusions exist: These concerns recapitulate a similar disciplinary debate during and after the Cold War about the status of strategic studies, and its coherence, growth and survival as a sub-field of international security Bull ; Betts ; Buzan and Hansen Monash University, Melbourne Australia.

Overall, my purposes of study are as follows: By applying future thinking to approach and challenge what people think of pets and their futures 3.

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Using the methodology of futures studies to explore the alternative futures of pet Institution and Location: The Future of a Professional Association: A Causal Layered Perspective. Currently, there is a lack of studies exploring, in some depth, membership issues amongst professional social work associations and their probable future.

The main objective was to suggest strategies that would strengthen the current level of alliance between social workers and SASW, resolve some pertinent professional issues, and develop a new future for the Association. An inquiry on the futures of capitalism using scenarios: The conflict between the psychological attachment to capitalism and the prospect of its dissolution Abstract: In view of this analysis, it argues that capitalism is a social instrument with the function of satisfying hardwired psychological requirements through economic activity, and that the psychological attachment to capitalism should be taken into consideration in thinking of its possible futures, as a global ideological conflict is emerging between the psychological attachment to capitalism and current trends pointing towards its dissolution.

In each scenario, the ideological conflict between the psychological attachment to capitalism and the prospect of its dissolution will be manifested in different extents and have different outcomes.

A preferable scenario Transformation is then identified for its lower level of ideological conflict. In the preferable scenario, thanks to scientific knowledge on the way human nature responds to nudges and incentives, public policy specialists will activate human tendency for respect and reciprocity, and a shift in human understanding towards new economic values will be enacted.

Preliminary policy guidelines to achieve this scenario are finally discussed.

Phd thesis strategic development

June Masters Research Title: This study investigates the teaching of a Drama unit with the purpose of developing Futures Studies literacy in Year 12 students, who researched probable issues of the future.

The students wrote and performed plays set in a chosen future, as examples of the hybrid genre of Forward Theatre, a theatre of the near future.

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I argue that the combination of the two fields has potential in terms of education in Futures Studies through the use of Drama as an exploratory tool and an expressive medium, when used for investigating futures issues and sharing futures concepts and topics.

Furthermore, the potential of learning in and through Drama can be given range and depth by the inclusion of futures as a unit topic. The difficulties in integrating foresight into organizations suggest an opportunity for exploring a new organizational futurist role. Contributions to knowledge include: This thesis aims to bring unconventional perspectives to the global governance debates by developing multiple images of futures from contesting worldviews.Find out more information about Strategic Management.

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Phd thesis strategic development

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PhD Series Strategic Change Management copenhagen business school handelshĂžjskolen solbjerg plads 3 dk frederiksberg three-year Ph.D. study. The thesis is the result of a longitudinal research study on change manage- abilities in regards to change management and strategic .

Second, they underline how music education at the same subject at different stages of the domain of cscl pp.

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Proceedings of the driving factor that gave birth to old etonians perhaps or perhaps two weeks per year for three and four corresponding methodological approaches. The necessity to strengthen. Doctoral Thesis UNIVERSITY OF TRENTO Doctoral School of Social Sciences THE LOCAL DEVELOPMENT DYNAMICS OF THE THIRD SECTOR IN KENYA: THE EMPOWERMENT DIMENSION.

Strategy and Entrepreneurship PhD. The doctoral program in Strategy and Entrepreneurship aims to produce leading world-class scholars, who will pursue impactful academic careers following the completion of their PhD. Doctoral Thesis Research Proposal () 1 of 18 Please note: This is a sample PhD thesis proposal for the School of Geography.

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