Object personification essay

Personification What is Personification? Personification is a form of figurative language that is used as a literary technique.

Object personification essay

Pay only for approved parts Sample Literary Analysis Essay: The gist of personification finds its description in the fact that inanimate objects and phenomena acquire human characteristics, properties, and qualities, that is they are able to speak, feel, and think.

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Being a special kind of metaphor, personification is considered to be a very common stylistic device in folk poetry and literature of all nations. Fairy tales and fables of every folk are full of different kinds of impersonation. Incarnation, as the phenomenon of style, has a place in those cases where it is used as an allegory, that is, the image of the object, which converts it stylistically.

The best way to show the use of impersonation is to give an example. The essence of impersonation as a special artistic phenomenon is lying in formation of an idiosyncratic concept that combines attributes of the object or animal and man. Personification is based on the interaction of objective and subjective perception plans of the same phenomenon.

In spite of the fact that people have always been connected with nature and worship its gifts, they nevertheless understood that they depended on it.

And consequently, being caught in this dependence on natural phenomena, humanity tried to subdue it mentally, poetically, and be closer to it spiritually. All folk metaphors and ways of using impersonation are based on human desire to tame the phenomenon of natural elements. According to literary critic and folklorist Bazanov V.

In this case, Shakespeare gives to april and winter real human qualities. In his writing he expresses the idea that a month can really be in a hurry and is capable of dressing up and walking. With this phrase he conveys the general expectation of spring, when everybody is looking forward to sunshine and joy.

And april, as if it is stepping on winter, making efforts to hurry it up. Also, personification had great meaning in ancient times — when there were many cults of animals.

Object personification essay

Animals were attributed to a particular person, depending on his qualities, skills and, certainly, courage. Egyptians treated the gods not just as spirits, but as reasonable embodiments, who are able to transform into any creature or thing.

In Egyptian mythology cats were associated with a large number of deities. For instance, Bast the cat-headed goddess was an incarnation of protection, fertility, and motherhood. Since the time, when cats began to be identified with Bast, they simultaneously began to be mummified by people.

Honors received by them posthumously reflected what they had embodied for every day of their lives. The aim of this is to attract and interest readers, making them get involved in the story.

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Object personification essay

Before and after Prohibition, temperance organizations turned the whiskey or beer vessel into a personification of American moral failure. Personification is a common literary tool and one of the figures of speech like simile, metaphor, onomatopoeia, among others.

Find out more about personification with the help of these fifteen examples. It’s fairly rare to use personification in an essay or report, although the use of figurative language can be a nice way to catch the reader’s attention in the introduction to any piece of writing.

Personification is the act of attributing human characteristics to inhuman or inanimate objects. Personification examples: * The branches bowed to the ground. Personification is a literary device that a writer uses to assign a human trait to an inanimate object, animal or feeling.

“The car groaned as it tried to gain traction on the icy hill” is an example of personification, because a car cannot literally groan. The Literary Maven: Creative Writing Object Personification. The Literary Maven: Creative Writing Scary Story Mini-Books A hands-on writing assignment and 5 other ways to use mini-books in your classroom.

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