Nbj supplement business report 2013

Numerous drugs that the US Food and Drug Administration FDA has approved for use in cancer therapy are derived from plants, including taxanes such as paclitaxel and vinca alkaloids such as vinblastine. Nearly half of patients in the United States with cancer report that they started taking new dietary supplements after being given a diagnosis of cancer. Despite the large number of trials that have been launched, the FDA has not approved any dietary supplement or food to prevent cancer, halt its growth, or prevent its recurrence.

Nbj supplement business report 2013

January 12, Once one of the most overlooked supplements in the health market, magnesium has seen a recent rise in the mineral category of nutritional supplements. As a natural mineral found mostly in our bones, this valuable substance depletes with time, making bones weaker and more prone to breaks and fractures, which can lead to disorders such as osteoporosis.

As a powerful mineral, magnesium is needed for over biochemical reactions in the body, much of it pertaining to heart health, nerve function, and metabolism. Magnesium is also linked to the regulation of blood pressure.

The Multitude of Benefits in Magnesium Supplements and Their Growing Popularity Additionally, despite our current indebtedness levels, the agreements governing our outstanding debt upon consummation of the offering would allow us to incur substantially more debt.

Consumers who eat a steady diet of fruits and vegetables containing magnesium generally have lower blood pressure. Such food products that are magnesium-rich include sunflower seeds, broccoli, spinach, beans, and bananas.

nbj supplement business report 2013

In relation to other nutrients, several studies have demonstrated that magnesium is essential for the human body to absorb both calcium and vitamin D. When magnesium levels are too low, these nutrients—which are critical to bone nbj supplement business report 2013, cardiovascular function, and other general areas of health—cannot be utilized to their full potential.

With magnesium, calcium can improve bone mineral density and help in the prevention of osteoporosis. For the body to metabolize vitamin D properly—which, in turn, helps with calcium metabolism—magnesium is also needed.

Expanding on the Current Revenue Generated by Magnesium Supplements According to a recent survey by the Council for Responsible Nutrition, magnesium supplements were the 13th best-selling supplement back in Available in a variety of delivery systems, including liquids, powders, pills, and chewable tablets, its usage has been stable in the market for several years.

A majority of supplement users who take magnesium do so because of the nutritional lack of it in their diet, even if they consume a variety of fruits and vegetables. Many adults can be unaware of their nutritional deficiency because they may not show obvious symptoms, which range from dizziness to muscle cramping to fatigue.

The top three reasons for magnesium supplementation include general health, digestive health, and bone health. For many elderly consumers, bone deterioration is a very real and possible side effect of aging.

Because of higher disposable incomes and advances in health care, people are living longer and are advised to take supplements to help in disease prevention. Women aged 55 and over can benefit the most out of magnesium supplementation since they are more prone to developing osteoporosis.


Self-prevention also helps in the long-run. Studies conducted by the Council for Responsible Nutrition demonstrated that an average of 68, osteoporosis-related events between and can be avoided with the proper and continuous use of magnesium supplements.

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Besides bone health, there are other avenues it can be marketed towards. Pushing magnesium into the mainstream can help highlight its benefits for bone fortification, heart health, and glucose metabolism.

Nutritional supplement companies can achieve this by formulating certain products to fit into this market, which include fortified sports powders or liquid supplements. Businesses must then choose a nutritional supplement contract manufacturer that has the capabilities to develop effective magnesium supplements in a variety of delivery forms.

Providing easy access to this nutrient is necessary to expand its role and importance in the market. Besides sports nutrition, general health is still one of the main reasons for supplement usage. Education on the wide range of benefits of magnesium can improve its presence in the marketplace.

A rise in studies and education on supplements have helped consumers see the value of magnesium; but it is also critical for dietary supplement businesses to emphasize these benefits for better sales.

Developing magnesium products into other forms, besides pills and capsules, also provides plenty of opportunities for other markets, such as sports nutrition and food items. Keeping a close watch on the burgeoning trend can help determine how to market these supplements until they are a more stable product in the industry.Accountability Office Report (GAO) to Congress dietary according to Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ), retail sales of dietary supplements, which the United States (US) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) define as “products containing vitamins, many of the world’s leading dietary supplement companies, at the NBJ Summit.

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Bloomberg Business. Report on Form K for the year ended December 31, The Company is authorized to repurchase from time to time shares of its outstanding common stock on the open market or in privately negotiated. Herbal dietary supplement sales in U.S. rise % in The annual HerbalGram herb market report is based on herbal supplement sales statistics from Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) and market research firms SPINS and IRI.

/IRI reported total sales of about $ million for botanical dietary supplements in an increase of %.

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