Life after high school short essay

January Life is short, as everyone knows. When I was a kid I used to wonder about this. Is life actually short, or are we really complaining about its finiteness?

Life after high school short essay

Our path's been always full somehow, Our ambitions But now at last we've reached the time, When most friends say "goodbye," That time when tears and joys combine As we leave our Oakland High.

This pamphlet does not pretend to be a complete history of Oakland High School. It is no more than a combination of various student papers, which were submitted in the spring semester of based on materials, which were available at the school.

Life after high school short essay

Because of these factors not all of the facets of Oakland High's history could be covered. Additionally, errors and misinterpretations may have been incorporated in the original papers and, by extension, into this work. It is hoped, though, that the materials presented here will not only give a general view of Oakland High School throughout its existence of over one hundred years but will also give the students of "OHS" a feeling for the traditions of the institution.

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Obviously thanks are due to all of the students who participated in the development of this project. Listing sixty-seven names is a bit more than seems necessary though. For those who are interested in such a list, check the enrollment for California History for the time period indicated above.

Finally, for those who discover that their favorite fact or fiction from Oakland High's history is not included or that an error in factual information has been made--contact the school and let us know.

We may publish another edition of this in another fifty years. McChesney, met in one of the rooms of the old Lafayette Elementary School at 12th and Jefferson for the opening of a new era in Oakland's public education: This marked the founding of not only one of the first secondary schools in Northern California, but an institution which continues to exist to the present time.

As Oakland gained in population, size and importance due, among other things, to the completion of the transcontinental railroad, the single room became inadequate and Oakland High received its own structure.

Located at 12th and Market, it was soon filled with seventy-five students and an additional teacher.

Life after high school short essay

This new "home," opening in the fall of continued in use until April 6, when it was destroyed by a fire. Investigation showed that the fire had been set by an arsonist but this information was of no value to the students and teachers who were now without a school.

The student body was quickly relocated to a local synagogue through a rental agreement and was, additionally, placed at Hamilton Hall at the corner of 10th and Jefferson. Reconstruction of the old building was started and while the students attended the two sites improvements were planned for the re-opening.

On October the fifth the school reopened. It remained open for sixteen days. Another fire, also caused by arson, burned down the second story and the students and teachers went back to Hamilton Hall. The School Board, accepting what seemed to be inevitable, and also looking at the growth of the school population of Oakland, decided that rather than attempting to rebuild again, the High School should have a totally new structure: After much discussion the cornerstone of the new building was laid in and construction continued for two years.

McChesney, now in his seventy-sixth year, opened the doors of the new four story building in January of and Oakland High students finally had a home that would remain constant for the next thirty-four years.

The "Old Brick Pile" on the corner of 12th and Jefferson became known throughout the region as one of the finest schools in the state, carrying on the academic traditions established from the beginning of the institution. The old building s had, after all, graduated such people as George C.

With this kind of tradition behind them the new school's students attempted to surpass what had gone on before. As the population continued to grow in the city the need for additional high schools was soon seen and the Board of Education established a Polytechnic high school and, eventually, others based on the Oakland High model.

Unfortunately for Oakland High, its location was now in the midst of the business district and the building itself was old and somewhat inadequate. Civic pride was called upon and the citizens of Oakland responded with the recommendation that a new Oakland High School be constructed.

One major consideration was that the new structure was to be moved out of the downtown area and closer to the center of probable student population above Lake Merritt.

A site was chosen on the corner of Park Boulevard and Hopkins Street, construction was started in the mid-twenties and the new building was completed in June of Part of the new building was, in point of fact, an old building.

Anthony Junior High School was revamped into science classrooms and tied into the new structure. Little expense was spared in making the new Oakland High an impressive building.

The new school not only had a classical flavor, it was also richly covered in architectural detailing; guardian bears on the steps from Park Boulevard, battlements, pseudo-gothic spires, stucco reliefs of students reading, studying, playing games on the outer walls and a general feeling of impressiveness.

Better still, the school had a football field. Dirt, to be sure, but a field. The school opened in September of and remained in used through the Depression years of the thirties, the Second World War, the post-war years and was continuing into its forty-fifth year when news came from Sacramento that it was not earthquake proof--or at least that it might not be.

By this time the school as well as the nation had gone through considerable changes. A series of industrial education shops had been added when the school district had decided that all Oakland high school should be comprehensive rather than specialized by the education offered; the school had received the gift of Ferris Court from the senior class ofwho had name it after the principal; a swimming pool had been built by the City of Oakland and was used by the Physical Education Department and the State of California had constructed the MacArthur Freeway virtually across the street.

With the earthquake safety problem and the overall age of the building to be considered, a decision was reached to consult the community as to what should be done. Essentially two choices were available:Jun 26,  · I’ve tried. Over the past 14 years, I’ve graduated from high school and college and built a career as a journalist, interviewing some of the most famous people in the country.

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