Last minute revision techniques

This plan does rely somewhat on the strength of your lecture notes and attendance throughout the course. If you need some tips on how to make your notes better, step right in.

Last minute revision techniques

Take him to your supervisor immediately Question 3 of 50 4.

Last minute revision techniques

What should you do if the extension wire you need to use has a cut in the outer cover? Are you responsible for helping to reduce the amount of waste created on-site? No, this is the responsibility of your supervisor only. No, this does not relate to you. No, this is the responsibility of your site manager only.

Yes, everyone on-site is responsible for reducing the amount of waste created. Question 5 of 50 6. Using eye protection is vital for onsite safety, when should you wear eye protection?

Do not use the fire extinguisher and go to your fire assembly point immediately Try to use the fire extinguisher and see how it goes Search the building for your supervisor and let him know Use the closest lift to exit the building Question 8 of 50 9. A risk assessment is important because?

It tells you where tools should be stored It is used to delegate tasks among workers It tells you who is in charge of health and safety at your worksite It identifies hazards and tells you the safest way of performing a task Question 9 of 50 It allows you to lift heavier loads It reduces the risk of injuries It eliminates the need for expensive lifting equipment It allows you to work faster Question 10 of 50 Over time, excess noise can damage your ability to hear.

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Can such a condition be reversed? With time, the condition may repair itself Yes, but you will be forced to change your current job The damage is permanent and cannot be reversed You will need surgery to repair your hearing loss Question 11 of 50 Should hand tools such as saws, hammers and wire cutters be inspected?

No, only electrical tools need inspecting No, hand tools do not need inspecting Yes, the should be checked once a month only Yes, you should inspect them every-time you need to use them Question 12 of 50 Which of these two types of fire extinguishers are most suitable for use on electrical fires?I personally found being able to focus on the tasks come first.

I think techniques like Pomodoro can help increase focus on work. I have tried several apps implementing this techniques . Hello all. With a few weeks left until the end of year examinations, you will find a bank of revision resources here that will help you to prepare for the big one!

Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately. Feb 28,  · How to Cram for a Test. Have you have been too busy or simply procrastinated getting ready for a test?

Practice some simple memorization techniques to help you supercharge your last-minute cram session. Categories: Last Minute Exam Revision | Test Preparation. In other languages: Italiano: Preparare un Esame in una Notte, Español: 83%(). Last minute cramming is not a good method to use, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't continue revising right up until the day.

What it does mean is that you may use slightly different techniques and methods for your last minute revision. Last Minute Exam Study “Success is the result of working steadily toward a goal.” Most of the students cover their 75% of the total portion during hours before the exam than the days time given.

so to make most out of it here we are providing you Last Minute Exam Study tips.. A lot of persons have faced this difficulty some time in their lives.

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