Gcse business studies coursework evaluation

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Gcse business studies coursework evaluation

How to organise How should the three-hour write-up be organised? Here there is a high level of control. You should block access to the internet.

Gcse business studies coursework evaluation

There should be controlled access to the research folder and write-up folder. Handwritten submissions are fine — it makes no difference to the presentation marks. Can we break up the 3 hours? We recommend that you log the timings of each controlled session and keep a written record that can be available for moderation, to ensure that completion of the tasks set does not exceed the permitted time.

Having such a record helps a centre document the processes in place and shows that time limits have been kept. Can students mix research and write-up time? The research time is done under 'light supervision' and the write-up time under 'strict supervision', so managing any mix would be difficult.

If students were using their research time to start the write-up, then they would potentially have more than the three hours maximum allowed for the write-up, and the same would apply the other way round.

If students were using the write-up time to do research then they would presumably be able to access all manner of outside sources including the internet, and this is not permitted during the write-up. Can we suggest a structure? The questions have been devised carefully to direct the student to addressing a particular issue.

They are deliberately worded to lead students to a conclusion. For example, 'What is the most important reason why? A basic structure you might suggest for the practice session might be: Introduction — briefly introduce the business for the marker and moderator.

Middle section — 3 or 4 sections: Conclusion — which of the factors is the most important and why? A final judgement in relation to the question. In the live session you might remind students of the need for an introduction, middle section and conclusion.

Other structures could be used a report format, for example but whatever is used, the emphasis must be on answering the question set. Can we give feedback to the students? No - not in the live session.

In the practice session, of course, feedback is allowed — it is the main point of doing a dry run and is where teachers can give formative feedback on the approach to CA and the skills required so that as with an external examination students approach the task as prepared as possible.

Can students submit a draft? The QCDA guidelines are explicit that no drafting is allowed: Drafting is not a skill being assessed in Business Studies.

Access to the research folder The only material allowed for the write-up phase is the research folder. Could you please clarify exactly what research materials students can take into the three-hour write-up lessons? Students can have both paper folders and electronic research folders; these must be kept secure during the write-up phase.

If the write-up is carried out over two or three sessions, for example, the folder s must be retained by the centre under secure conditions in between sessions so that students do not have access to these materials outside the supervised write-up time.

The research file should consist of student research only. This may include a transcript of an interview, some graphs and charts they have produced, notes on observations they have made on their business - basically all their research.

What they are not allowed to take in is anything that can be construed as an attempt to answer the question - writing frames, plans, model answers, analysis of the research they have carried out, and so on.

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Students use the write-up time to plan out their answer, do the analysis of the research and write it out. Are students allowed to use an electronic version of their research folder in their write-up? In the actual write-up itself, the internet must be disabled so any screenshots etc.

Can the students take their research material into the write-up sessions on a memory stick? One of the rules is that you, the teacher, are responsible for ensuring that the research folder only contains research and does not include inappropriate material such as writing frames, plans of answers, model answers, pre-written analysis and so on.

If students bring in memory sticks it would be difficult for you to check that what was on them was appropriate before the write-up unless you took them all in beforehand and then checked them, which may not be ideal.

Can students bring in tables that they have already made using their research information? The research folder can contain charts and tables prepared during the research phase provided they have not been analysed - that is, had written interpretations attached to them.The Edexcel GCSEs in Business Studies, Business Communications, Business Studies and Economics and Short Course in Business Studies are designed for use in schools and colleges.

They are part of a suite of GCSE qualifications offered by Edexcel. I am a business studies student at Hylands School and would like some information about the Tiger River Bengal for my coursework. I would really appreciate if you could send me information about the product, how it is promoted, the sort of people that buy the product (age/gender/), and how much it is sold for.

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Exam Technique Classic: Evaluation in 2 Words. Simon Mansell 12 th May Print page. Share: In other words – compare the importance of each point to the business in the case study. GCSE Business Exam Technique Advice.

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Collections. More Exam technique advice. GCSE Business Studies is designed for students finishing secondary school to learn skills for running a business, such as managing money, advertising and employing staff. The Edexcel GCSEs in Business Studies, Business Communications, Business Studies and Economics and Short Course in Business Studies are designed for use in schools and colleges.

They are part of a suite of GCSE qualifications offered by Edexcel.

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