Discuss two 2 strategies for improving your own learning and performance

Performance-based learning and assessment represent a set of strategies for the acquisition and application of knowledge, skills, and work habits through the performance of tasks that are meaningful and engaging to students.

Discuss two 2 strategies for improving your own learning and performance

Learning Communities Share Resources, Strategies For too long, teacher-to-teacher communication meant exchanging weekend plans in the faculty room.

In professional learning community schools, teachers develop interim assessments, common goals, and share best practices.

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Examples of professional learning communities. The irony that the universal mission of education -- to prepare students for the next level of learning or life -- has been pursued mostly by isolated classroom teachers, with little regard for strategies used in the classroom next door, is starting to hit home with educators.

Discuss two 2 strategies for improving your own learning and performance

Many are finding that once teachers start collaborating with colleagues in their schools and other buildings, a chain reaction leads to teachers working smarter and students learning more. That is what unfolded at Thoreau Middle School in Vienna, Virginia, and James Madison High Schoolthe high school Thoreau students attend, when the schools principals wholeheartedly embraced the ideas of building professional learning communities and using formative assessments to target student weaknesses.

Ive been at this for seven-and-a-half years, and as a principal, this is the most difficult work Ive ever done, said Mark A.

Merrell, principal of James Madison High School.

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If you think about it, [years ago] a teacher went into a classroom and may never have seen another adult all day. In the private sector, there is more focus on teamwork.

What were starting to see nationally is a change of culture of schools -- going from a culture of isolation to more collaboration, Merrell continued. Fifteen years ago, the idea of teach what you want to teach was the way most public schools operated. We havent had teachers working with teachers before.

The hard work is breaking through the culture of isolation. Each cluster includes several high school pyramids that include a high school and its feeder schools, usually a middle school and between five and seven elementary schools.

Im pretty much a skeptic, and this is the most successful model Ive ever seen. At Thoreau, part of being a professional learning community means the school is organized into core curriculum areas so teachers can share resources, according to principal Mark Greenfelder.

Its an operational structure and culture built into the school to ensure student success, he told Education World. Thoreau now is considered a model professional learning community school and Greenfelder lectures and gives presentations at conferences around the U.

Staff members also keep themselves informed about current educational practices by reading at least two books a year and participating in discussions.

We have a very literate, well-read staff, Greenfelder said. All subject-area teachers at Thoreau have a common planning period that is used to develop assessments and discuss successful and unsuccessful strategies. Using formative assessments, or mini-tests, developed by teachers helps teachers work together and leads to common language, strategies, and learning approaches, Greenfelder added.

I believe formative assessments are a tool for getting teachers together to hold discussions. Teachers review assessment results every two weeks to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of students and share successful approaches with colleagues.

Its a bear on the schedule, but worth doing, Greenfelder noted. This is not based on a lot of the nonsense that takes place at a lot of education meetings.

This is research and data-based, and we also look at best practices at schools similar to ours. Its a very strategic approach. For example, one of Merrells goals is for every James Madison student to take at least one Advanced Placement class. To prepare middle-school students for that, all Thoreau students are enrolled in honors science and social studies classes and all eighth graders take algebra.

We believe we have the support to help them succeed in high-level classes so they can try them in high school, Greenfelder said. Its taking the best practices of teachers in your school and applying them to all the kids in your school, as opposed to having one superstar teacher who kids were lucky enough to have.

The strategies and vocabulary for professional learning communities are familiar to parents and teachers in both schools. Were fortunate to apply ideas that work in each others schools, Merrell told Education World. Weve cut down on the transition time from middle to high school -- now kids dont have to learn the vocabulary for high school, such as formative assessments; we use them and use them the same way the middle school does.

While Thoreau was a high-performing school when Greenfelder took over six years ago, now it is one of the top schools in Virginia when it comes to state test scores and making adequate yearly progress AYP.

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This has really helped us reduce the achievement gap between minority and other students, Greenfelder told Education World. Now no group of students is below the 90 percentile for proficiency. This is working smarter, not harder.

It could be a scheduling nightmare, but this is a priority, Merrell noted. All 11th grade social studies teachers, for example, have a common planning period once a week to discuss curriculum issues.

Discuss two 2 strategies for improving your own learning and performance

They prepare specific goals based on data and tell Merrell how they plan to meet those goals. Most teachers are not used to making data-driven decisions, he added.

Were getting teachers together so they can learn how to do that.Toys That Stand the Test of Time Toys come in all shapes and sizes, and range from simple classics like dollhouses and toy trucks to complex products designed to engage, amuse, and distract.

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5 Improving own learning and performance A main purpose of this assessment course is to help you improve your learning and performance as you pursue your main area of study or work.

It involves identifying an aspect of your learning you want to work on and using skills to help you improve your learning and performance. Mar 29,  · The first last; Using a strategy is the way in which you plan to use various means to achieve your goal.

Learning is your goal so two strategies to implement it might be to read all material twice for more precise understanding and researching thing within the topic you do not arteensevilla.com: Resolved. Mar 29,  · im doing an assignment and need to discuss two strategies how i could improve my own learning and performance.

i need to consider and identify how i could improve. and suggest 2 strategies i could use to improve?????Status: Resolved. Assess the effectiveness of your strategy, including factors that affected the outcomes, and identify ways of further improving your own learning and performance.

Assess the quality of your work by making connections between criteria, feedback comments and your own judgement of your performance. Improving Employee Performance Is All About Communication honest two-way conversation will help you get to the root of any performance problem, even if it's minor or temporary.

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