Cross training in hospitality industry

About Skills Summit The Skills Development Summit will provide a much-needed discussion on the state of our rapidly changing world. The Fourth Industrial Revolution promises to change the way that we conduct business and industry, especially in manufacturing and agriculture, but also threatens many jobs. The Skills Development Summit will be presenting a vision of how skills development and jobs can be retained in this shifting world, especially in the context of rural and urban development.

Cross training in hospitality industry

Not to be sold, reprinted,re-written, distributed, re-broadcast, uploaded, or used to conduct training by others without written agreement Visit CNN Terror Victims Page There is renewed awareness regarding Safety and Security, which have taken precedence over all other subjects since the terrible tragedies of September 11,in New York, Washington, D.

Measures are being discussed to find the proper balance between ensuring safety and security and Cross training in hospitality industry people's right to privacy and civil liberties.

Home Emergency Management, Safety & Security How-to's on people management, employee training and customer service, scroll down for links to articles. Modification History. Not applicable. Application. This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to work effectively in a hospitality environment and provide service to customers during service periods. Southern Cross Group is a provider of Facility, Training and Technology solutions in Australia. With a focus on innovation and people, our strategic management model has seen the company’s portfolio grow to over client sites nationally across a vast range of industries in both the public and private sectors.

I do not want to go political here but wish to point out that the same discussions and debates which take place nationally and internationally apply to the workplace. This dilemma must be highlighted before embarking on the subjects of safety and security. Civil Liberties and the Right to Privacy The main point to consider here is: The rights of regular and law abiding people or the rights of criminals and suspects?

How can we ensure that those in power do not abuse legislation and measures implemented to maintain a safe and secure environment to protect the right "to living and well-being" for all members of society? Congress is trying to find solutions.

In Hospitality operations, this term also embraces outside concessionaires, such as independent stores and their customers operating on the premises of a Hotel or other Hospitality concern. Safety and Security Safety and Security, like Training and Development, are often left on the back burner until a crisis occurs.

By then, people fall victim to crime, get robbed, get assaulted, become sick or even die. Although we mention "safety and security" in one breath, and despite the interrelationship between them, Safety and Security represent two different subjects.

Let us take one "security example" related to employees' personal belongings and valuables in a hotel environment: In all workplaces management stipulates that it is not responsible for valuables and employees personal belongings their handbags, items kept in the personal lockers, etc.

Besides taking care of security issues related to the people they employ as outlined abovemanagement must undertake some necessary measures, among which: Safety When we take the same hotel as example, it is management's duty to ensure "safety" in several areas, such as: The structure itself Installations and fixtures check electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning and other installations Public and work areas e.

This is followed by: Health safety nontoxic cleaning material and detergents used Good quality air what we breathe, dependent upon the type of equipment, installations and fixtures used, and regular repairs and maintenance Food safety a whole world in itself including sanitation, food quality, food spoilage, correct handling procedures, allowable and recommended temperatures, etc.

Cross training in hospitality industry

An important "preventive measure" is eliminating the possibility of communicating contagious diseases. Even if local regulations do not require it, it is recommended to send food and beverage handlers for regular medical checkup.

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Another preventive measure is the formulation and implementation of policies and procedures related to employee accidents which may present a threat to food sanitation. Culinary staff who cut themselves accidentally at work, as often happens while slicing food products, have to immediately stop handling food, and report to their Executive Chef and to the person in charge of First Aid in their company Security or Human Resources Department for preliminary treatment and handling.

Healing and precautionary measures are taken before they are allowed back at their job. There are also some basic "dress" requirements for staff involved in food and beverage preparations: Chefs' hats to prevent hair and whatever hair contains to fall into the fooddiscreet earrings non-dangling or no earrings for women, and long hair neatly and securely tied in a bun at the back of the head.

Of no lesser importance is the safety of work tools and work procedures covering all areas, such as stable ladders, secure shelving, safety shoes, well-fitting work garments, clearly written and complete safety procedures and guidelines from management, safety training, and safety installations and equipment, e.

All of this necessitates comprehensive planning, the creation of clear policies and work procedures, organization, implementation, training of supervisors and employees, supervision and control.

Such centralization will enable effectiveness and efficiency of the Committee, bringing up the subjects for discussion and follow-up on implementation. The Safety and Security Committee must conform and cooperate with national, state and local regulations, submitting reports to the authorities where required.The hospitality industry is enormous, with hotels alone accounting for over half a trillion dollars (yes, TRILLION!) in revenues annually.

But the hospitality industry is much broader still, providing an array of rewarding management positions also in restaurants, event planning, theme parks, resort clubs, cruise lines, casinos, and even professional athletics.

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Cross training in hospitality industry

marcus evans - Global strategic conferences summits and corporate marketing events and THG sports hospitality. GCC Hospitality Industry Report July The GCC hospitality industry, which has been under pressure in recent years is expected to gain positive momentum on account of recovery in oil prices, upcoming mega events, increased tourist inflow, positive regulatory initiatives and increased government spending/investments towards the hospitality and tourism sector.

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