Chilean folk music

Pre-Columbian and colonial times[ edit ] Distribution of the pre-Hispanic people of Chile, Easter Island not included Prior to the arrival of the European conquerors, the modern national borders that make up the Americas did not exist, so one cannot refer to music from "Chile", or any other South American country, from this time. However, music existed in the Americas for centuries before European conquest, and many of the characteristics and instruments of pre-Hispanic music have formed part of the folkloric and musical tradition of Chile and of Latin America. Archaeological excavations have unearthed many musical instruments showing the existence of a variety of musical cultures in the area long before even the Inca period.

Chilean folk music

By Simone Ubaldi 7 September Chile is a land of big-hearted cowboys, bright colours and barbecue, where no public event passes without folk music and dancing. From religious feasts to public holidays, to high and low art events, there is a year-round calendar of festivals to warm the cockles of your heart.

Participants don gorgeously gruesome masks for the main event, the Diablada or Dance of the Devil, spinning and wailing in fit of Andean folk glory. Informally, Fiestas Patrias is a week-long national holiday filled with Chilean rodeo events, asado barbecue and music, from the Caribbean-influenced Cumbia to the mariachi-style Rancheras.

Crowds gather in temporary outdoor food halls called fondas and couples across the country turn out for Cueca dance competitions, waving sexy hankies and wearing bright ponchos for the traditional chicken dance of seduction.

Locals cover themselves in traditional body paint and markings and sing tribal folk songs in heart-swelling chorus. A festival queen presides over parades, floats and performances while ballsy young men enter the Haka Pei competition, hurling themselves down the side of a mountain on makeshift wooden toboggans.

Held in February, the flavour of Fiesta Tapati is unique, being a Polynesian festival with a strong Spanish flavour. Grass skirts and headdresses abound and the music is just beautiful.

The live audience, known collectively as The Monster, cheer or boo with wild abandon and producers aim to out-do themselves year-on-year with international guests, epic sets and trashy, explosive spectacle. With fondas, craft fairs and many outdoor performances, La Semana Valdiviana is a celebration of summer that culminates in a one-of-a-kind floating parade.

The final night of the festival sees brightly-lit barges take over the Calle, some that are discernably boats and some that are dressed as buildings, gardens and curious creatures, all flooded with light.

As they glow and bob in the water, a spectacular fireworks show bursts overhead. Town squares become lively markets for locally produced wine and artisanal foods, and there is inevitably a grape-stomping competition. Though Chilean wine production is machine-based, the Vendimias pay tribute to the traditional method of clambering barefoot into a tub and pulverising the fruit with your naked feet until the juice runs free — gross from a hygiene point of view but great fun to watch.

Teatro A Mil Santiago a Mil Santiago by the Thousand is the biggest arts festival in Chile, a three-week program of theatre, dance, visual art and music at indoor and outdoor venues across the capital.

Prices have risen but the festival still offers a ton of free and cheap programs, with several hundred events every year including dozens of international companies.

There and elsewhere in the country, you can partake in various Chilean traditions to ensure good fortune in the coming months:Find the latest in chilean folk music at Find chilean folk tracks, artists, and albums.

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"This album of traditional Chilean music includes a number of old songs and traditional dances, most of them belonging to the 19th century. Chilean music has marked characteristics of its own. It cannot be denied the old Spanish influence, but it carries in itself at the same time, the peculiar.

Chilean folk music

The traditional music of Chile is a vibrant and distinctive fusion of Spanish and indigenous cultures. This recording features music that falls into two functional categories: ceremonial and entertainment.

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Dubbed Nu Folk, it is the sound of a folk music revival that springs from both traditional Andean music and the works of world-renowned Chilean artists such as Violeta Parra, Víctor Jara and Atahualpa Yupanqui. Welcome to 8tracks radio - Free music streaming for any time place or mood. tagged with chile, Manuel García, and Violeta can also download one of our free.

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