Biology essay introduction

An essay is an article which is very broad and can accommodate various topics. The writing format of an essay paper can be divided into three segments — Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Usually the citation used for science papers is APA.

Biology essay introduction

Biology and Personality Development Abstract Biological and genetic characteristics have an effect on the Biology essay introduction development of people. The influences can be molecular through the reaction of neurotransmitters in the endocrine systems. Equally, there is behavioral genetic explanation to personality development that is a function of the environmental set up on how people develop.

Both explanations explain differences in personal development and subsequent behaviors. The role of genes and biological make up on personality development is a recent phenomenon. Previously, the debate on nurture was used to explain personality development.

Biology essay introduction

It argues that environmental factors are fully responsible for the personality development. Studies especially along behaviors and genes show otherwise. Introduction The physical and genetic development of people has a psychological impact on people.

The impact shows actively or passively in their personality based on complex relationship between biological reactions from psychological synapses. The hormonal reactions that come thereafter are often a sign of an organism trying to adapt to a threat or challenge.

Therefore, there is a challenge that faces a person and based on their neurological schema; a reaction is initiated resulting into a biological process to handle the situation. The biological processes as such are not that linear and adopt a web like nature. One source of biological reactions is environmental problems that have the ability of inducing stress.

Biology essay introduction

The stressors have the ability of creating an imbalance between biomedical, psychiatry and psychological characteristics of the body. Until recently, environmental and biological factors were used to describe personalities in isolation.

However, evidence has shown that both biology and genetics play a major role in personality development in people. According to Boyce and Ellischanges in neuroendocrine system are as a result of stress, and organisms fight such threats through the process called homeostatic.

Biological reactions to stressors can take various forms including autonomic and adrenocortical reactions. The authors note that the environment has the ability of interfering with the normal operations of a person and as a result, a complex set of reactions in the brain comes into force.

The organisms thereafter experiences increased heartbeats, fear, change in metabolism and hormonal imbalance. Thus, the genetic makeups of an organism impacts the way a person reacts to environmental stressors.

Boyce and Ellis further note that there can be individual differences on how people react to stressors due to reactions between genes and the environmental influences. There are inheritable genes that respond to environmental factors effectively.

However, the genes would not succeed natural selection due to less significance in parental environments. Nonetheless, the physical development has some of these characteristics.

People exposed to highly stressing environments have extreme reaction syndromes. The reaction may work for or against the stressor. Equally, less significant reactions can have the ability of managing stressing situation hence passed through evolution.How To Write A Biology Essay Content of this article Topic choice Tips on structure elements Title Content page Research question Introduction Investigation Analysis Conclusion References Sources Finalizing Biology papers give us an opportunity of understanding forms that are complex in life.

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The writing format of an essay paper can be divided into .

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