Acid throwing essay

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Acid throwing essay

A scar on India Acids found easily and cheaply across the country are increasingly being used as a weapon against women. She had known him for four years, and one Saturday evening in June last year, she was invited to meet his family and seek permission for their marriage.

In the course of her long ordeal, she was force-fed one bottle of acid, resulting in severe internal injuries. Since then she has been unable to eat anything solid, and survives on a liquid diet.

Her assailants, meanwhile, remain free, and are not yet facing criminal charges.

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Shabana was yet another victim of what has now come to be known in the country as "acid attacks". With acids - something as ubiquitous as toilet-cleaning liquids readily available at the corner store and as cheap as 30 cents a litre, these assaults have emerged as a preferred weapon of violence against women.

Acid attacks have few parallels in their gruesomeness, and victims, such as Shabana would vouch for their viciousness. More than a year later, she is still in pain and the scars on her body are far from being healed.

The father of my boyfriend then forced acid down my throat," she says, shuddering while recounting her ordeal. As she slipped into unconsciousness, her assailants grew bolder.

Acid throwing essay

They stripped off her clothes and had the remaining acid thrown at her private body parts. While she was conscious, her boyfriend silently watched. Indian society is now raising its collective voice against the scourge.

Acid attacks are a blot on India," says Subrata Ghosh, a Kolkata-based activist who has been trying to raise funds for the reconstructive surgery that another acid attack victim needs to undergo to fix her disfigured face.

Indians such as Ghosh are shamed by the assaults, but their perpetrators see them as means to restore their own honour and pride. For them and millions of others in this conservative country, match-making arranged by family elders is the preferred mode of marriage.

Strangely, the reasons behind such attacks are often trivial. Sonali Mukherjee, living in Dhanbad in eastern India, had one evening objected to the pranks of some neighbourhood boys. Under normal circumstances, it should have ended just as a street argument. But then the boys - their pride hurt at being challenged by a dimunitive girl - chose to take the acid route.

They threw acid at Sonali through the window while she slept in the night. From petty quarrels to being jilted in love affairs, reasons provoking acid attacks are varied. There is no official data available on acid attacks, but majority of the reported cases indicate the primary targets are young women.

A helpline for women in distress set up in the national capital, New Delhi, received 56 complaints of acid attacks in the first quarter of Even the normally slothful federal government has been forced to take notice of the trend: The Justice JS Verma report has recommended that separate laws be made to deal with acid attacks.

But as voices grow stronger for harsher laws and severe punishment to deal with acid attacks, victims continue to suffer in silence. Growing numbers Every few days, there are reports of acids being thrown at some girl in some part of this vast country.

Two sisters had acid thrown on them by a landlord for their inability to pay rent on time. Another girl was attacked similarly by her teacher whose amorous overtures she had rejected.Acid throwing is a social crime that is increasing day by day at a threatening rate. Women are mostly the victim of it.

Generally, a young man throws acid at a young girl when she refuses to love him. Acid throwing is a social crime that is increasing day by day at a threatening rate.

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Women are mostly the victim of it. Generally, a young man throws acid at a young girl when she refuses to love him. Essay about Acid Throwing Words 9 Pages Having your face disfigured and burned in a matter of seconds is not what any woman has in mind as a consequence when they .

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Acid throwing essay

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